De musicien à compositeur, de dj à producteur, les notes et les sons n’ont plus de secret pour Peakafeller. Fort de plus de quinze années d’expérience musicale, l’artiste est derrière plusieurs succès qui ont fait vibrer les planchers de danse ces dernières années dont She’s a Bitch, La Fille à Papa, Everything is All Right et That Girl Bad Girl.

Peakafeller offre à vos oreilles les dernières tendances sonores! De l’électro relevé de sonorités Sci-Fi, des rythmes qui saisissent au corps, des basses qui font vibrer le cœur et des mélodies qui remplissent l’esprit…

La planète Musique est vaste, pourquoi faire des compromis quand on peut créer son propre univers? Embarquez sur le plancher de danse et soyez prêts pour le décollage!


It’s 2010, and the music world is evolving at an exponential rate, embroidering the fabric of popular classics while exploring new languages and promising to unfold gloriously. With the help of today’s technology new dimensions in music are opening to our ears. An emissary of this new creation, the multitalented musician Peakafeller lets us discover the new exciting possibilities in sound. Versed in classical piano, voice, solfège, guitar and sound engineering, he has incorporated all of these talents into his compositions and collaborations.

In the two past decades his career has grown driving him to the higher reaches of new musical exploration. Having created the provocative song “She’s a Bitch” in 2001, which has toured the world and is still heard today, his style evolved and matured to include more electro-sounds and house-music with a predominantly rock sound. The 2008 album, “Outside the Box”, demonstrated the sound mastering of this prolific and avant-garde creator.In March 2010, inspired by his recent adventures, the artist presented his album “Safety” with eleven new songs plus a remix of the tune “Everything is All Right”. This album’s sound evokes a beautiful fiesta with its mix of original French and English songs. The participation of SAM, and Jonathan Roy and Byron of The Lost Fingers, has also impacted significantly on this new work. “Safety” demonstrates a further step in the evolution of his career.

Peakafeller has worked with Daniel Desnoyers on “Time to Move” and “4 Ladies”, and on exciting remixes for international artists. Many of Peakafeller’s original compositions such as “Tecktonik”, “Everything is All Right” and others can be found on compilations around the globe. He has played twice for the Bob Sinclair after-party in St-Maarten and with some of the biggest names in popular music. He also produced Jonathan Roy’s hit album “What I’ve Become” and Keith Vibes’ new album “Words Can’t Say”. Peakafeller also remixed “Ou Aller” by The Lost Fingers for their latest album “Rendez vous Rose” Along with his production and remix success he has worked in the production of radio jingles for NRJ QC, and on a number of television shows further illustrating the diversity of his talents. He never follows the well-worn path of others.

When asked about his new album coming soon “Happy By Now”, the artist responded that his wish was to produce a work utilizing the maturity and diversity gained from travels abroad, and to play music that blends the contrasts and harmonies of cultures as well as unifying the artist with his public. He amply demonstrates this on Facebook where you can speak to him directly and on YouTube where he offers authentic and original visual montages from performances such as the music video “Everything is All Right”, made in St-Maarten, and also currently seen on BPM TV as well as his newest hit “That Girl Bad Girl” ft Goodfellaz , you can see the original and the edited version on youtube and soon everywhere!!

Peakafeller: A must-know DJ and producer for all Electro & Dubstep fans.


Agency: Oval Representation

Phone: 1-418-653-6230


The artist

Nationality: Canada

Resident in: Quebec, Canada