The coolness transpiring duo from Montreal has been hard at work for some time now having already reached a few important milestones. With continuous efforts, their path to success is constantly evolving in a positive way as the GoodFellaz are set to drop the anticipated official debut album “New School”. The duo have already released a few mixtapes such as “Candy Flavored Gangsta Music” and “Flight Club” while “Music about girls and sh*t” is set to hit the circuit in the early stages of 2011. Their latest single “Love is on the line” has reached heavy rotation on a few radio stations across Canada and the music video by Sixteen Pads films has created a huge buzz on the web.

Whether you’re bangin’ your head to their tracks in the club or hangin’ out the sunroof in your car, the boys always deliver a very mainstream sound with catchy hooks but stay true to their roots when it comes to the rhymes. While their musical genre is quite nebulous to define, one may say it sounds sort of like a rock influenced poppy electro housish rap blend. Just listen, you’ll understand…

“New school is cool dudes makin’ music you move to” –GoodFellaz

The artist

Nationality: Canadian

Resident in: Montreal